February 10, 2010

Like water from the mountain

I am in the US right now and I miss very much my husband, Komang. I miss cooking with him, all the while chatting and eating in silence together, as most Balinese do.

I miss a lot of things about Komang, not only cooking but it's 7pm and I am hungry!
Komang is a quiet and passionate man. He is humble, confident and generous; with him, life always seems a little bit better, a little bit easier and, in his presence, you always feel like a better version of yourself.

For some reasons, Komang did not cook much before us being together but that certainly did change, a lot! Whenever he cooks, it is at the same time with an easy going attitude and a great focused intent; ya, that would pretty much describe him in a few words, hard and soft at the same time!

With any traditional recipe, be it in Bali or anywhere in the world, I have noticed that long discussions and debates (with the occasional heated argument) ensue for: 1) what exactly goes in the dish, 2) the proper manner to prepare it and most importantly, 3) the knowledge of the unique "truc", "tour de main" or "secret" ingredient which will end the quest for authenticity and elevate the most simple dish into perfection and Komang is a perfectionist at heart and I should add, highly individualistic as well.

He will listen to his mother's, sisters' or cousins' specific directions on how to execute something and starts by following the instructions carefully but ends up adjusting and tasting everything to make it his own. It will be reworked many times until the final verdict of "not bad!" has been reached. That's why his food, be it nasi goreng, chicken curry or jakut urab, is all so very delicious but unlike anyone else's.
So, I will just dream about the favorite dishes he makes for me until I return. In the meantime, I can always make

Bubur Injin

Bubur Injin is Black Rice Pudding served with Palm Sugar Syrup and  a jug of fresh Coconut Milk, it is easy to make and the perfect afternoon snack, comforting and always welcome, be it in the midst of a snow storm as it is today for me in the US or when the rain falls (with no end in sight, it seems) in Bali, turning everything into a new green world.

1 cup black rice, rinsed well
1/3 cup glutinous rice, rinsed well
1 vanilla bean, split in half lenghtwise
3/4 cup Palm Sugar Syrup or regular sugar syrup

In a pot with a heavy bottom, place the 2 kinds of rice, add the vanilla and water to cover the rice by 2 inches, bring to a boil and lower the heat, mix from time to time and add water for the rice to be always covered, taste for doneness. When the rice is almost cooked, add the syrup, mix and continue to cook until the rice is tender and the consistency is soft porridge like. Serve with more syrup and coconut milk to pour on the servings.

Komang said to me once " I am like water falling from the mountain, wherever it goes, it's all good! Whatever comes!"

These words opened a window in my mind, I feel that way too and for this, I can only say "Saya cinta kamu, Suamiku" You are always in my heart!


  1. you have incredible pictures and recipes im a very big fan of your work!!

  2. This is amazing,keep updating! sitting here with austin checking it out


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