Who's writing this blog?

I am French and I am curious, very curious, and I love to read and discover new things and I LOVE food and cooking. I was born in Bordeaux, spent my childhood and adolescence on the Bay of Arcachon (le Bassin d'Arcachon). There, the pine forest (la pinède) and white sand dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean.

Life in the little village I grew up is still slow, punctuated every Summer by the arrival of tourists (les Vacanciers) and where if not born there, one will always be a stranger, un "Etranger". 

I would have to wait a long time and read a lot, cook a lot, travel a lot (my three passions after my three beautiful children, Louise, Celeste and Austin), live in many places before I finally met and got married with Komang Parwata, my husband and best friend. Now, I live in the small sleepy fishing village he grew up in Karangasem, where the coconut groves meet the black sand beaches on the Lombok Sea.

 Here, life is slow and the tourists (the Tamu) come and go all year long, and one will remain a stranger for ever if not born there, a "Bule". And in the end, this is home, so much the same, so very different. This blog tells the story of having your heart (and your appetite) in two places and finding home.